Simply follow our guide below on how to measure your dog.

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Blind dog halo vest measurement guide

Please keep in mind that sizes are based on the size of the dog's chest, rather than the weight of the dog. Weight is important, so please include the weight of your pet. The leg opening has to be measured and the length of the bumper will be determined by distance from the shoulder above leg joint to 4" in front of the nose of the animal.

Your pet can eat, drink water, and sleep comfortably while wearing the Halo Vest. At your discretion, we recommend that your pet wear their vest when you are at home, unless you puppy proof your home, making sure there is nothing they can catch the vest on. Some pets can go through doggy doors with their vest on. It depends on the size of the Halo and the size of the doggy door.

All Halo Vests are CUSTOM-MADE to fit your pet, so it will generally take 7-10 days to ship domestically.

This product is custom made to your specifications. If it is sent back for re-tailoring there will be a $25 fee plus shipping, so please follow the measurement instructions and be as accurate as possible.

Thanks for choosing our unique U.S. patented product!