Blind Dogs Can Live A Great Life

Blind Dogs Can Live A Great Life

Posted by Dorie Stratton on 14th Feb 2018

This YouTube video from 2012 is a Golden Oldie with over 5,145 views! We think Teddy perfectly illustrates the functionality of the Halos For Paws Halo Vest with bumper guard in action. 

You can tell that in the video he's just figuring out that Halos For Paws strong metal bumper guard is keeping him from hitting his little head on that hard corner, and he kind of leans into the wall to test the fit of his new halo vest. In time, his owner assured us that he now gets around the house quite fearlessly.

It is so important for people to understand that blindness in dogs is common, and dogs can adapt quite well and live happy, active lives with a little bit of support and ingenuity. Under no circumstances should a dog be put down just because it has lost its sight. 

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