Q: How much does the Halo cost?

A: Prices range from $80-$175 for the Original Halo Vest custom-made to fit your dog. Use this measurement & sizing chart to determine your dog’s size and enter it on the product page to get the cost. Please be very accurate because alterations average $25.

Q: I found a product like yours and it is cheaper. Can you match the price?

A: Unlike similar-ish products of questionable durability that are mass-produced overseas (and don’t do alterations), our product is a custom-tailored mobility aid handmade out of Blairsville, Georgia by experienced seamstresses. You get what you pay for!

Q: Do these vests ship to Canada / the UK / Australia / Japan / Mexico / Philippines / Israel somewhere else?

A: Yes, yes, yes - we ship worldwide! International shipping is $25 to anywhere outside U.S.

Q: Can I attach a leash to the vest?

A: Yes you can attach a leash to the Original Halo Vest using the D-ring securely sewn into the harness.

Q: What material is the vest?

A: All Halos For Paws products are sewn from a rugged-but-comfy material that active dogs love, our special 'duck cloth' 100% cotton is soft like well-worn jeans and durable like the material on a backpack. 

Q: Can I adjust the halo?

A: Yes, each halo is fully adjustable. You can adjust the halo to go up or down. You can also adjust it to be oblong. Last, you can make it an inch longer or shorter by unscrewing the halo from the vest to adjust it to the size you need.

Q: Can my dog sleep in the vest?

A: Yes, many dogs enjoy sleeping in their vests, or laying around all day. If the dog doesn’t like it when sleeping, simply remove for bedtime and put it back on in the morning.

Q: What's the best way to clean a vest?

A: Put cold water in your sink with some dish soap or laundry soap. Stick the halo vest in and shake it around in the water. Rinse, then hang dry. Some vests unscrew from the halo. Unscrew and throw the vest into your wash machine in cool water. Hang dry.

Q: Did you really invent the halo vest?

A: Read our story here!

Q: Do you make Halos for other blind animals?

Yes, we have made them for cats and even sheep, but they are only possible for specific measurements. We have not found a way to make one for a horse yet. Feel free to contact us to talk about your pets' specific needs.

Edgars Mission blind sheep wearing a customized Halos For Paws blind dog halo vest