Halo Vest Measurement Guide

4 Accurate Measurements To Ensure the Perfect Fit for your Custom Dog Halo 

Please keep in mind that pricing is based on the size of the dog's chest, rather than the weight of the dog.
Only use a soft cloth flexible seamstress-style measuring tape.

Blind dog halo vest measurement guide


1. Measure from the top of the back around the chest right behind the front legs.

Your dog's chest measurement will determine the size and final price of the Halo Vest.

2. With their nose extended upward, measure from the tip of the dog's nose to its 'shoulder' where the front leg meets the chest. 

We double this number and add 4" to get the Halo diameter, made of galvanized steel sealed inside a plastic sleeve.

3. Measure around the top of one leg, right where it meets the body.

This will be the circumference of the Halo Vest's leg holes.

4. Measure the space between the front legs.

This determines how far apart we make the legs holes.

Weight is also important, so please include the weight of your pet. 

All Halo Vests are CUSTOM-MADE to fit your pet, so it will generally take 7-10 days to ship domestically.

This bespoke product is custom-made to your specifications. If it is sent back for re-tailoring there will be a $25 fee plus shipping, so please follow the measurement instructions and be as accurate as possible. Thanks for choosing our unique U.S. patented product!


When you have all 4 measurements click ORDER NOW and you will be taken to our storefront to purchase, where you will enter the measurements and choose from 7 different colors.