The Original Halo Vest

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The Original Halos For Paws Halo Vest with attached bumper guard helps blind dogs navigate wherever they want to go without discouraging themselves by bumping into objects. This tried-and-true design has helped thousands of blind dogs improve their mobility indoors and outside.

The only blind dog mobility aid custom-sewn to your dog's measurements from a rugged-but-comfy material that active dogs love, our special 100% cotton duck cloth is soft like well-worn jeans, durable like the material on a backpack, and come in 7 different colors. Simply clip your dog’s leash onto the metal buckles securely attached at the back. This patented, field-tested and veterinary ophthalmologist-approved design stays in place but allows for natural range of motion and the plastic-coated galvanized wire keeps your dog’s face safe from unseen objects or obstructions.

The durable, custom-made Original Halo Vest is hand-sewn in the United States by 5 women in Blairsville, Georgia who come from garment manufacturing backgrounds at Disney, Lee Jeans, and Levi Strauss. It is made for daily inside or outdoor use in any weather and is machine washable. Our blind dog Scotty Boy even sleeps in his halo vest!


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    Five Plus stars for the Halo

    Posted by Gloria Lane on 29th Apr 2018

    The Halo worked well for my Wilbur. I had no issue with the fast response from the company when I requested an adjustment. I recommend anyone with a Pet that has low vision or blindness get a Halo to save the health of your animal. When he has his Halo on I don't worry that he will walk into an object and hurt his face or head. Best customer service ever.

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    Halos for Paws

    Posted by Becky on 18th Mar 2018

    When our tiny furbaby suddenly became blind, we were at a loss as to how to help her. A friend suggested we purchase a Halo as an assistive device for her. We were very traumatized by her accident and Halos for Paws came through for us. The owner was a Godsend. She went out of her way to assure us of measurements and we received it very quickly. Our baby has done very well with this and has learned how to navigate without running into things in our home. Without Halos for Paws I do not believe she would have had such an easy adjustment. I only wish we had known about Halos in the past when our senior dogs were getting cataracts so we could have helped them adjust. The owner of Halos offers excellent customer service and responds in a very timely manner to inquiries. I would rate this product and company A+++ and 10 out of 10 overall.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Louise Ricci on 12th Mar 2018

    My sister's beagle/terrier mix suddenly went blind about a year ago. She has adjusted really well to being blind, but the day I found a bruise across her nose I became concerned about other bruises we couldn't see. I was also concerned about her accidentally damaging one of her eyes because of running into things.

    I sized Maggie, and had two others double check the measurements for accuracy. I placed the order and we had it within a week. I was impressed by the speedy delivery.

    At first Maggie didn't want to move when we put it on her, but she finally did with encouragement. Now she moves around and uses it to barge her way through things, kind of like a battering ram. She constantly bends the halo because she wants to get into tight spaces, so I'm very happy it can be reshaped and replaced should that ever be necessary.

    When Maggie isn't wearing it, I think she feels like she has it on because she seems to be less cautious and runs into things more.

    This is a great product and I've had a friend ask me about it because she also has a blind dog.

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    Halos for Paws

    Posted by Laura on 12th Mar 2018

    Love how the harness is custom made to your pet's size as well as great color options. It really helped our dachshund to navigate better around the house when she suddenly lost her eyesight to SARDS. With the Halo it helped me to give her new direction commands by gently nudging her in the commanded direction too! She feels more calm too while wearing it. We just take if off at night for sleeping to help her better discern day versus night. In fact, we are on our second one because our dachshund yanks the halo out from things she gets it stuck in, so after reshaping it several times, we decided to get a new one. The first one lasted over a year. The people at Halo for Paws are very accommodating and responsive as well.

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    original halo vest

    Posted by Laura Klascius on 4th Mar 2018

    My dog Dusty loves her vest. She runs around the yard and checks out all her favorite spots and plants to sniff. Being blind has not stopped her one bit. She still checks all the packages that come in to the house. She has not stopped begging for food or her favorite treats.