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There are just a few steps to get started with the order for your blind dog's new Halo. The first and most important are following the steps below using the appropriate Measurement Guide to obtain all accurate measurements.

You will know the price of your Halo once you take the #1 Chest Measurement and compare it to the guide below.

To get started on your order click ORDER NOW. All Halo Vests are CUSTOM-MADE to fit your pet, so it will generally take 7-10 days to ship domestically.

The Original Halo Vest Pricing


Blind dog halo vest measurement guide


Original Halo Vest XXS: Chest Size 9" to 12.5"


Original Halo Vest XS: Chest Size 13" to 15.5"


Original Halo Vest Small: Chest Size 16" to 18.5"


Original Halo Vest S/M: Chest Size 19" to 21.5"


Original Halo Vest Medium: Chest Size 22" to 24.5"


Original Halo Vest M/L: Chest Size 25" to 28.5"


Original Halo Vest Large: Chest Size 29" to 31.5"


Original Halo Vest XL: Chest Size 32" to 34.5"


Original Halo Vest 2XL: Chest Size 35" to 37.5"


Original Halo Vest 3XL: Chest Size 38" to 40.5"


Original Halo Vest 4XL: Chest Size 41" to 42.5"